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Another One Bites the Dust | December

The hits just keep coming.  ESPN is reporting that Kyshoen Jarrett has decommitted from the Panthersand will now be... a Hokie.  Obviously nothing is official until he signs on the dotted line on National Letter of Intent Day, but this recruiting class is quickly turning into a lost cause.

On the glass is half full side, at least two of Pitt's four-star Rivals guys, Marquese Wright and Terrell Chestnut are still listed as committed.  But if this keeps up, we're looking at a very depressing Feb. 2nd. 

From August: At Last, Depth

UPDATE: And the hits keep coming and coming and coming.  Four-star running back Jameel Poteat has decommitted from Pitt and committed to Cincinnati.  Tough to lose a guy whose mentor proudly exclaims "Pitt Panthers!" whenever the Eagles are on Sunday Night Football.  Particularly damaging is this is a guy from Bishop McDevitt - a huge football school in Harrisburg.  Disheartening, although unless Dion Lewis were to leave for the NFL this offseason, he'd likely be buried on the depth chart for at least a year.  Certainly not the end of the world, but if he wants to play right away, Pitt isn't likely a good choice for him.  A tough loss regardles.