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With TCU schedule set, Pitt has one hell of a 2012 | August


After a bit of miscommunication, TCU's 2012 Big East schedule is finally set. That mean's Pitt 2012 schedule is now also set. Behold the awesomeness:

Home: UCF, Virginia Tech, Louisville, Rutgers, TCU, WVU

Away: Buffalo*, Notre Dame, Cincy, South Florida, Syracuse, UConn

As long as Pitt can avoid complete and utter failure this season, there's no excuse to not sell the full alotment of season tickets next season. What an awesome home schedule.


* As I look through the past and future schedules, I notice that it appears Pitt is in a 2 for 2 with Buffalo. Really? Who the hell agreed to that? (UPDATE: Did a little research on Pitt Blather. Jeff Long. It all makes sense now.)