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Bob Bostad for offensive coordinator? | December

BBostadUWOne of the more interesting parts of yesterday's press conference was Chryst's revelation that he has already made contact with certain people about filling his staff in Pittsburgh. Any potential wishlist of assistants must start with Wisconsin offensive line coach Bob Bostad. How impressive is Bostad? How about 11 All- Big 10 selections on the line in the past four years? Bostad on staff could be a huge selling point to recruits and would seem to be a fabulous addition to the staff. Of course, Wisconsin is not going to part with him without a fight (via Milwauke-Wisconsin Journal Sentnal):

Bielema acknowledged Chryst has made offers to two members of the UW staff. He did not identify the coaches but according to a source they are Bostad and [Tight ends coach Joe] Rudolph.

"We were friends yesterday and now we've got to battle it out a little bit," Bielema joked.

And from the Badger blog Bucky's Fifth Quarter:

To me, the biggest question is whether or not Chryst retains play calling duties. I expect that he will, which could entice Bielema's top choice to stay because he would have full offensive coordinator responsibilities.

Of course the other one could be tempted to go with Chryst and be his right-hand man. Rudolph makes a lot of sense in that role because he is currently Wisconsin's recruiting coordinator and Chryst has never been very involved in recruiting. Rudolph is exactly the kind of assistant coach Chryst could use. At the same time, Bostad seems like the more likely candidate to take over as Wisconsin's offensive coordinator.

I can only wonder how awkward of a situation this is right now. Chryst is still on staff with the Badgers through the Rose Bowl. Things might get weird.

Colin Dunlap confirms that Bostad has been offered the OC spot and that Bostad has a stronger relationship with Chryst than with Bielema. I'm hoping Pitt has given Chryst the resources to go get his guys, but honestly, you just never know.