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Birch officially an All-American | February

Screen_shot_2011-02-11_at_8.32.48_AMEven though the news leaked out a few days earlier, officially being named as an All-American yesterday had to be a good feeling for Khem Birch:

The news of his selection to the prestigious McDonald's All-American Game just two hours old, Notre Dame Prep's Khem Birch couldn't help but look at the texts and Facebook messages pouring in, and grin.

"I'm so excited for me and all the people that have helped me along the way -- my city too," said the Montreal native tonight by cell phone. "I'm the first one from there to get picked. Everyone up there's real happy for me. They've all watched me grow up, and now look at where I am."

Birch is one of five All-Americans coming to the Big East next season, with Syracuse and Louisville getting two each.  He will be the sixth All-American to play at Pitt and the second in the past two years.

Congratulations, Khem and Hail to Pitt