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Trey Zeigler is a Panther | April

Jamie Dixon doin' work (via ESPN):

Pittsburgh pulled off a huge recruiting coup to start the ACC in the fall of 2013 when Central Michigan guard Trey Zeigler chose the Panthers over Duke and UCLA on Saturday.

Former Central Michigan coach Ernie Zeigler told ESPN.com on Saturday that his 6-foot-5 son will play for his former colleague Jamie Dixon at Pitt.

Zeigler and Dixon were assistants together under Ben Howland at Pitt. Ernie then followed Howland to UCLA.

Trey Zeigler averaged 16.3 points as a freshman and 15.8 points and 6.7 rebounds as a sophomore.

"He's with really good people at Pitt," Ernie Zeigler said. "He's back where me and Jamie started off."

Ernie Zeigler said Trey will sit out the 2012-13 season and have two seasons of eligibility remaining.

Trey Zeigler will have two years of eligibility to play for Pitt. He's definitely not a three point shooter - he averaged less than one per game this season. Instead, he's the sort of high-volume shooter/slasher types that Pitt fans have been craving since getting torched by Kemba Walker in 2011. Zeigler scored over 1,000 points in two seasons with Central Michigan and averaged 15.8 per game last season.

If this is the first you've heard of Zeigler, here's his story. Trey's dad, Ernie Zeigler, was the head coach of Central Michigan when Trey committed there in 2010 over offers from Arizona, Duke, UCLA and Michigan State. He played for the Fighting Chippewas for two seasons until his dad got fired last month. Now he's transferring and petitioning the NCAA to be immediately eligible instead of sitting out a year (I have no idea if this is likely or not - seems unlikely).

So what's the Pitt connection? Besides having an newly open scholarship, there's no incumbent at shooting guard or even an heir apparent to Ashton Gibbs. If Ziegler picked Pitt, his only impediment to the starting job would be Cam Wright, John Johnson and freshman Chris Jones. Not exactly a murder's row. Then there's the Pitt connection: Ernie Zeigler was an assistant at Pitt under Ben Howland with Jamie Dixon. When Howland left of UCLA, Zeigler went with him and Jamie Dixon became the head coach at Pitt.

Even if Zeigler has to sit out next season, he'll be huge addition to the Panthers roster for 2013-14.

Welcome home, Trey!