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Brooks Bollinger? | February

BBollingerSackIt was previously reported that Paul Chryst was looking to fill the last two openings on the staff this week. So while the report that a quarterback coach hiring is imminent isn't a surprise, the selection is: former Wisconsin QB and NFL journeyman Brooks Bollinger (via the PG):

He retired as a player after the '10 UFL season and accepted a job as head coach/offensive coordinator at Hill Murray High School in suburban St. Paul, Minn., which is his current post.

As of Wednesday, Bollinger had not officially signed a contract with Pitt, but, according to one source, barring any last minute snags or changes, he is expected to be named quarterbacks coach in the next few days.

Is this a good hire? Who knows. Bollinger is pretty much a blank slate. He brings no college or pro coaching experience to the staff and likely no recruiting ties.

I'm not going to slam the hire without anything to go on, but my initial reaction is not positive. Bollinger may turn out to be a great coach or recruiter or both, but right now this hire seems highly questionable. My initial skepticism is amplified by the fact that Pitt lost an "Assistant Head Coach" title in the Bostad departure, which presumably freed up some cash to pursue a more... experienced candidate. I certainly don't know the details, but Bollinger's resume doesn't demand a high salary.

Between losing Bostad and this hire, it's not been a stellar week for Chryst in my mind.