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Academic report positive for Pitt | June

The NCAA's Academic Progress Report (APR) scores were released yesterday and Pitt athletics has nothing to worry about. In particular, men's basketball and football have nothing to worry about.

Men's basketball was specially recognized as being in the top ten percent of programs, while UConn basketball is officially banned from the 2013 post-season (Big East Tournament and NCAAs). Notre Dame was the only other Big East program to earn the recognition.

As for football, the results were still positive, just not as much so as spectacular as basketball. Here's how Big East football stacks up (via ESPN):

  • Rutgers: 982
  • UConn: 963
  • USF: 963
  • Pitt: 955
  • West Virginia: 953
  • Syracuse: 950
  • Cincinnati: 939
  • Louisville: 911

The average for football is 948.

Good for Pitt and good for Jamie Dixon especially. Also deserving of recognition is Mike Farabaugh, Pitt Athletic's Director of Academic Support Services, his staff and Steve Pederson.