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Hail to Links! The "We Aren't Going To Mention LeBron" Edition 6.22.2012 | June

COLLEGE FOOTBALL COUNTDOWN!  The Orlando Sentinel is ranking all 120 FBS schools.  Today, Pitt comes in at #53 (9 ahead of Arizona State, I'm just sayin').

ASHTON GIBBS DOIN' WORK.  The NBA Draft is five days away, and the Minnesota Timberwolves are bringing in Ashton Gibbs for a workout.

SHOW ME THE MONEY!  The recently arrested suspect in the Pitt "Anonymous" Video case is claiming that he has no idea why he is being charged and has no connection to Pitt.  There is someone attending WVU with the same name as the accused, but it is not the same guy.  To post a YouTube video would require a better internet connection than is available in West Virginia (28.8bps AOL dial-up)

FBSWA4TP (FOOTBALL BOWL SUBDIVISION WITH A FOUR TEAM PLAYOFF).  Brett McMurphy of CBS Sports offers up a Q&A on how it is looking like the new four team playoff system will work.

EVERYONE IN THIS ROOM IS NOW DUMBER FOR HAVING LISTENED TO IT.  Today's award for "The Dumbest Thing Written On The Internet" goes to a correspondent at Bleacher Report (shocking, I know!) that claims the ACC needs to invite UCONN and Rutgers for stability (at least he didn't turn it into a slideshow).  My response: