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Hail to Links! Wannstaches, and Bomb Threats, and Fatheads, Oh My! 6.21.2012 | June

THE FIGHTING WANNSTACHES OF BUFFALO.  First it was Scott McKillop.  Now it appears that Dorin Dickerson has a shot at making the Bills roster.  No word on how many years it will take Dave Wannstedt to find a useful position for him.

ARREST MADE IN POORLY MADE YOUTUBE VIDEO CASE.  Police have arrested an Ohio man for making a poor knockoff of the "Anonymous" videos in which he threatened the University by claiming to have stolen personal data.

IT MUST BE SUBSCRIPTION RENEWAL TIME AGAIN.  Chip Brown of Texas' Rivals.com site OrangeBloods.com writes that Notre Dame will join the Big XII in all sports besides football, but will schedule half their football games against Big XII teams.  Riiiiight.

PLAYOFFS?  YOU KIDDING ME?  PLAYOFFS?  It sounds like the conference commissioners have spoken and are endorsing a four team playoff model, consisting of the top four teams chosen by a committee with additional weight given to conference champions.  Do you really thing John Swofford would be this calm, collected, and endorsing this format if he was worried of FSU and Clemson leaving?

LATEST IN FATHEAD TECHNOLOGY.  The WVU messageboard "We Must Ignite This Couch" has a thread for photoshoping the best Tino Sunseri Fatheads.  Here's my favorite: