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WPIAL coach confirms that everyone in Western Pennsylvania really hated Todd Graham | June

The parade of people who really couldn't stand Todd Graham just won't end. The Rice marching band figurative incinerated him. The the Steelers organization was appalled by the way he treated people. The local media seemed to relish the national attention on his hypocrisy. And now, add local high school coaches to that list (via the PG):

[Thomas Jefferson Coach Bill] Cherpak said new coach Paul Chryst and his staff have done a great job reconnecting and putting out the welcome mat.

"We didn't come to this camp last year for obvious reasons," Cherpak said, referring to departed coach Todd Graham. "[Pitt director of operations] Chris LaSala does an amazing job of setting this up and organizing it, and the staff now makes us all feel so welcome.

"It was like a second home, and it is starting to get back to that way after the disaster from last year. This staff has made a place where people are going to love coming down here and being here. And Chryst has made it clear he wants [high school coaches] to be a part of things and give him input again. So it is a welcome change."

The whole debacle is really looking better and better for Pitt.