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Former Rutgers QB transferring to Pitt? | May

So...ummm...yeah.  There's this news out of nowhere this afternoon...




Now the fun part.  Savage, a former 4* QB out of Philadelphia, committed to Rutgers in April of 2008 for the 2009 class.  Savage was the starting QB as a freshman at Rutgers, taking a majority of the snaps, and finished completing 53% of his passes for 14 TDs and 7 INTs.  His sophomore year did not go as well.  Savage lost his starting job to freshman Chas Dodd by the fourth game of the season.

Following the season, Savage announced that he would be transfering and landed at Arizona.  After sitting out 2011, he found out that his new coach would be Rich Rodriguez.  Savage claims that this was not the reason, but had decided to transfer out of Arizona...back to Rutgers.

Under NCAA rules, and because this is his second transfer, Savage must sit out another year, even if he transfers to an FCS school closer to his home, such as Villanova or Delaware, unless he can get a waiver from the NCAA.

Burning his red shirt in 2011, Savage would only have one year of eligibility remaining unless the NCAA granted him a waiver...which they did not.

So that leads us to today.  Is Savage going to be a Panther?  It sounds like it.  Will he be granted a waiver to play in 2012 and compete for the starting job against Tino or will he have to wait until 2013, his final year of eligibility, to compete with then sophomore/red shirt freshman Chad Voytik?  Stay tuned for these answers as we find out ourselves...