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Pitt Script Blog http://www.pittscriptblog.com/ Thu, 27 Apr 2017 20:37:19 GMT FeedCreator 1.8.0-dev (info@mypapit.net) Best Strategies That Help You to Win at Online Football Betting http://www.pittscriptblog.com/2013-articles/april/best-strategies-that-help-you-to-win-at-online-football-betting.html e

Football is one of the popular sports, on which the bettors like to place their bets. However, for every kind of sports betting, you have to recognize some strategy. You may find the best site from http://oddsdigger.com/ before laying bet. But, it is advisable to know the most effective strategies.

Understand the technique for placing bets

While you have just entered the world of sports betting, there are some special tactics for you. You perhaps do not want to make out intricate mathematics to win the betting. So, the simple strategy is best for you. 

Knowing the detailed process on the way of placing the bets is always the best strategy. You have to understand how you to stake systematically. This is, in fact, the major step, taken by most of the professional bettors. If you are the novice bettor, you must not bet in a reckless way, while your own account remains in neutral state. You may begin your betting process with such amount, which you’re always ready to lose. Utilise this amount to increase your assets. While you’ve received huge profits by winning the bets, you can then decide on a bigger bet. 

In-game betting- The best option to be chosen by all

This in-game betting may be described as a type of betting, where you have to bet with the beginning of the game. While the football tournament starts, you may be able to have more accurate decision on how the team members are performing at the specific moment. It will also enable you in making out if it is good to bet at present or in future. By placing your stake in this way, you may keep away from some guesswork. The necessity of making predictions can also be eliminated. Moreover, it is also better to keep on waiting for the improvement of the odds with the passing of time. With such system, you may get higher pay-outs.

Reach the deeper level before betting

It is to be noted that the football players can never be compared to machines. However, you may track each of their moves. There’re some websites, which may inform you about the best way of winning at your football betting. You have to know the best defenders or goal scorers. You may utilise this information prior to placing the bet. Some extra details on the football teams and their members may enable you in becoming the champion at your football betting tournament.

So, gain more knowledge and maintain discipline before you are going to deal with football betting. Apply the above strategies in order to improve the possibility to be the winner. However, practice may make you much expert at football betting.

bloguin@bloguin.com (Todd Danson) Thu, 23 Mar 2017 02:38:18 GMT http://www.pittscriptblog.com/2013-articles/april/best-strategies-that-help-you-to-win-at-online-football-betting.html
Facts About the Casinos and Gaming Industry http://www.pittscriptblog.com/2012-articles/january/facts-about-the-casinos-and-gaming-industry.html bbbb

Gambling is a huge business at present and with so many online casinos popping up all over the internet, it becomes more lucrative every day. Yes, the market plays on the human nature to always want more than what they have, which in some cases is already more than what most have. The thrill, the excitement, the risk, these are all things that the human nature thirsts for and that’s exactly the drawcard casinos use.

http://777spinslot.com/casino/ is one of the sites which offer a wide variety of gambling activities. Anything from the age-old games of blackjack or roulette, the infamous one arm bandits and there is the addition of virtual games which can be enjoyed. Every one of them offering prizes and money that everybody wants to have more of.

Casino tricks they don’t want you to discover

Have you ever noticed that when you physically do visit a casino, there are no clocks in sight, the lights are set at the same brightness day or night, and the layout is a maze of sorts? Yes, they’re trying to keep you there. You can’t judge time or how long you’ve been there and as you travel through the maze to find the exit, your eyes and ears are sidetracked by another flashing, beeping machine.

When a casino offers you free meal tickets and show entrance, they’re not thanking you for your patronage, they’re simply keeping you inside the confines of the casino for a longer period and yes, they know you will gamble.

Free drinks offered to players are designed to keep the players a little on the tipsy side, much more readily willing to take risks.

Casino machines like the slots and even blackjack keep you playing by producing near wins, this makes you think you’re close to winning when in fact you aren’t and in the meantime, you keep feeding your tokens into the machine or dishing them out at the table.

The ugly truth about the habit

Gambling is a habit that you need to keep a hold over. Yes, if you know when to stop that’s all good and well but for those who don’t, it can destroy your life. Two-thirds of gambling addicts resort to crime in order to finance and feed their habit.


Many people are under the impression you can summarize the coming results by keeping track of past results. News flash, you’re wasting your time and every result is completely random.

Never think you are going to win because you know the game well. Chance and luck are the biggest contributors to these games. You won’t win back your losses simply by playing for a longer period and never ever think that if you gamble more that you are bound to win big. You’ll be left with lighter pockets and tears in your eyes.

Gambling can be fun if it is done recreationally and if you use only what you can afford to lose. Depending on winning to survive is a sure way to failure. Go out enjoy the slots or tables but know when to stop. If you feel like a night out and don’t want to leave you home, simply log on to such website and take part in the excitement.

bloguin@bloguin.com (Todd Danson) Mon, 23 Jan 2017 04:12:46 GMT http://www.pittscriptblog.com/2012-articles/january/facts-about-the-casinos-and-gaming-industry.html
Field of Green Football Slot Machine http://www.pittscriptblog.com/2013-articles/may/field-of-green-football-slot-machine.html If you’re a fan of the Pittsburgh Panthers and enjoy betting on their games we are sure you will enjoy some football relate online gaming too. Online casinos across the internet supplies football related fun for all tastes. One popular slot machine is a video slot known as Field of Green. This particular online slot machine is a five reel machine designed around an exciting football layout. Field of Green provides a maximum of 20 paylines and the maximum bet size is set at 100. A progressive jackpot is also built into the game which provides another way for players to win with the maximum payout for the progressive jackpot is 8000 coins.

Free spins can be awarded to players with the Field of Green slot machine. Players can receive up to 25 free spins which can add to one’s winnings. A bonus feature is also found within the design of Field of Green. By triggering this bonus round, players can significantly increase the chance of augmenting their jackpot. There is also a bonus gambling feature.

The symbols found on the reels of the Field of Green slot machine are all from the gridiron. The wild symbol is a trophy which when combined with other symbols can create a winning match. The scatter symbol is a football which can help award more bonuses and prizes. It is possible for players to double their prize when the 2x multiplier symbol appears. 

mbelena15@yahoo.com (Pitt Script Blog) Wed, 29 May 2013 05:00:00 GMT http://www.pittscriptblog.com/2013-articles/may/field-of-green-football-slot-machine.html
Thank you http://www.pittscriptblog.com/2012-articles/june/thank-you.html Tomorrow will be the last day of the Pitt Script Blog. And because no one reads blogs on weekends (who knew?), this will be our last post. On behalf of everyone here, we'd like to send out some thank yous.

I'd like to thank Ben, Derek, Dave and the rest of the incredible staff at Bloguin who rescued me from Wordpress hell and gave me an opportunity and fantastic platform to develop and grow this site. I doubt I'd still be writing if it wasn't for their deep know-how and expertise. Bloguin is a fantastic company - our decision to leave has nothing to do with Bloguin, but only with our desire to share the daily workload with a few more writers. Please be sure to keep reading Bloguin's superb Pittsburgh sports blogs, who certainly need no plugs here, and their college football blog Crystal Ball Run should remain one of your daily reads.

Thank you to Pitt's great beat writers, Paul Zeise, Jerry DiPaola, Ray Fittipaldo, John Grupp, Chris Peak and Matt Steinbrink. Also, thank you to the high school sports guys Mike White and Ken Gorman. This has never been a "trash the local beat writer" sort of blog. That's partially because of our personalities here, but mostly because Pitt athletics has been fortunate to have so many good journalists covering it. We couldn't operate without your hard work.

Thank you to EJ Borghetti, Mendy Nestor, Greg Hotchkiss, Pat Bostick and rest of the Pitt Athletic Department for your support.

Thank you to Chas at Pitt Blather for the support and inspiration over the years. How he's maintained an independent blog as almost the sole contributor for the majority of a decade, I'll never know.

Thank you to Josh Verlin, Brian Batko and the crew at Panther Sports Network for their contributions to the site.

Thank you to the Oakland Zoo, leadership and membership, current and past, local and long-distance, for always making us feel welcomed.

And finally, thank you, the readers. Thank you for laughing at the bad jokes, for arguing, for pointing out when we were wrong, for making this site what it is today. I hope many of you will follow us over to Cardiac Hill.

On behalf of Anthony and Bryan, we're signing off.

It's been a wild few years.

Hail to Pitt.

pittscriptblog@gmail.com (PSB Bryan) Fri, 29 Jun 2012 10:59:04 GMT http://www.pittscriptblog.com/2012-articles/june/thank-you.html
Anthony Davis trademarks his signature unibrow http://www.pittscriptblog.com/2012-articles/june/anthony-davis-trademarks-his-signature-unibrow.html Tonight is the NBA draft and it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that Kentucky's Anthony Davis will be the first overall pick.

Why are we writing about this?  Well, you see, we at the Fighting Wannstaches have a thing for facial hair...and Davis has an eyebrow like no other (yes, I made that singular on purpose).

This past Wednesday, the news broke that Davis is filing the paperwork with the US Patent and Trademark office in regards to his unibrow.

In anticipation of his imminent rise to national stardom, Davis trademarked the phrases "Raise the Brow" and "Fear the Brow." Widely expected to be drafted by the New Orleans Hornets in Thursday's draft, Davis said he saw profit potential in leaving his eyebrows connected.

Those are not the only phrases that Davis has filed to trademark.  A search of the USPTO database for the phrase "Anthony Marshon Davis" has revealed that five standard character marks (trademarks of phrases, not of a particular logo or design) were filed by Davis in early June.  The five phrases consist of:

  • Anthony Davis
  • AD23
  • Fear The Brow
  • Raise The Brown
  • Brow Down

The most entertaining part of these trademarks is the descriptions for what the phrases can be used for.  Each phrase is filed to be used in sporting and cultural activities, training (a self help book maybe? "Making millions playing basketball: How to pick up women with a unibrow"), charity and community services ("Young Unibrowed Children Association of America"), water bottles, lunch boxes, paper napkins, wrapping paper, colognes, after shaves, skin lotions, amongst many others.  

I can see it now, kids will be ecstatic to take these to school:

Women will flock to the skin care counter at Macy's:

And the look of joy on your child's face when they see this under the Christmas Tree:

At least Davis filed for the trademarks before the clothing vendor in Oakland by the union trademarked it as his own.


wannstaches@gmail.com (TFW Bryan) Thu, 28 Jun 2012 17:21:12 GMT http://www.pittscriptblog.com/2012-articles/june/anthony-davis-trademarks-his-signature-unibrow.html
Four-star QB Tra'Von Chapman commits to Pitt http://www.pittscriptblog.com/2012-articles/june/four-star-qb-travon-chapman-commits-to-pitt.html WillFerrellElf

Even with Army All-American Chad Voytik on his way to Oakland in just a few months, Pitt still desperately needed to add a quarterback for fall 2013. Today, Paul Chryst got a big one with Kent, Ohio's Tra'Von Chapman.

Chapman is a four-star player according to Rivals and Scout and a three-star by ESPN and 247. Because he committed to Pitt, he's entitled to be referred to by his highest evaluation according to the Pitt Commitment Corollary,* and will be referred to as a four-star from here on out.

The 6'2" signal-caller picked Pitt over BCS offers from Cincinnati, Wisconsin, Boston College, Arizona, Northwestern and Minnesota. Not exactly a murder's row, but Pitt also had to fend off Kent State, where his father is the wide receivers coach.

Chapman is coming off a fantastic junior campaign in which he led his team to their first ever playoff win on the heels of a 10-2 season. Chapman threw for over 2,200 yards with a 64% completion percentage with 26 touchdowns and a 6.5:1 touchdown to interception ratio. He added nearly 700 yards and eight touchdowns with his legs.

ESPN evaluates him as a pass-first, run-second threat from the pocket (via):

Chapman is a highly productive dual-threat quarterback that takes pride in clearly being a passer first, runner second. He is athletic and very consistent in his overall methods. We are not convinced he is quite as tall as his listed height, but he is well built and looks like a wide receiver. He is a shotgun, spread player that is extremely good on the move and a consistently productive deep ball passer. Possesses good arm strength and flashes the ability to put some heat on his throws if he needs to. Has extremely quick feet, stays active and does a nice job of creating passing windows with his mobility. He has adequate pocket presence, consistently buys second chances and appears comfortable throwing on the run. Sets up quickly and while he shows a little bit of a wind-up in his release, he does deliver the ball with confidence and authority and the ball jumps off his hand when his feet are set and he steps into his throws. He is capable of altering his motion to get the ball off if pressured, off balance or on the run to either side. Shows very good zip and ball speed to make some impressive throws to intermediate zones--especially between the numbers. He is very accurate in the deep passing game. Needs to be on time to drive the ball vertically as he does not have an elite arm. Drops the ball in over coverage very well. Chapman can be deliberate in his motion and wind-up just a bit which hinders the ability for the ball to just pop off his hand. As athletic as he is, he does not have blazing speed. He is quicker than fast. A very decisive runner with good lateral agility and the ability to make people miss. Is an excellent fit for the zone read scheme. Chapman is a very good player that will likely receive mid-major and BCS level offers when it is all said and done.

With Chapman in the fold, Pitt's post-Sunseri quarterback situation should be pretty set. Even with minimal contributions expected from Mark Myers and Trey Anderson, Pitt will have senior Tom Savage (probably), redshirt freshman or sophomore Chad Voytik and freshman Tra'von Chapman. And if all goes as planned, they'll still have 2014 commit Chandler Kincade waiting in the wings. Chapman will bring a different element to that group with his athleticism, even if he still is a throw-first quarterback.

Highlight and combine videos after the jump.

*I made that up right now.


pittscriptblog@gmail.com (PSB Bryan) Thu, 28 Jun 2012 15:34:29 GMT http://www.pittscriptblog.com/2012-articles/june/four-star-qb-travon-chapman-commits-to-pitt.html
Game Highlights: Greentree, June 25 http://www.pittscriptblog.com/panther-sports-network/2011-12-basketball/game-highlights-greentree-june-25.html

pittpsn@gmail.com (PSN) Wed, 27 Jun 2012 14:11:39 GMT http://www.pittscriptblog.com/panther-sports-network/2011-12-basketball/game-highlights-greentree-june-25.html
Former Pitt DB Aaron Berry arrested for DUI http://www.pittscriptblog.com/2012-articles/june/former-pitt-db-aaron-berry-arrested-for-dui.html

This past weekend, former Pitt cornerback and two-time All BIG EAST selection Aaron Berry was arrested under the suspicion of driving under the influence in Harrisburg.  Why "under the suspicion"?  Well, because Berry refused to take a breathalizer test.  It's not like he was swerving all over the road and hitting parked cars or anything.  Oh wait...

According to a source, Berry was driving near the Hilton Harrisburg Hotel early Saturday morning when the car he was driving struck other parked vehicles. 

Berry allegedly exited his car and began to walk away from the scene.   A witness followed him and called the police.

Berry was arrested by Officer Duane Pyles at 4:45am and transported to the Harrisburg Police Department booking center.  

According to a source, Berry was not cooperative when asked for personal information during the booking process and also refused to submit to a breathalyzer test. 

This continues a series of bad decisions by the Detroit Lions over the past few weeks.  Running back Mikel Leshoure was arrested on two seperate occasions for marijuana-related incidents (for which he was suspended two games) and defensive tackle Nick Fairley was also arrested for a DUI over Memorial Day weekend.

I guess it is not a good offseason to be a Lions fan...actually is that ever a good time?

(thanks to @rys1324 for the heads up)

wannstaches@gmail.com (TFW Bryan) Tue, 26 Jun 2012 17:26:32 GMT http://www.pittscriptblog.com/2012-articles/june/former-pitt-db-aaron-berry-arrested-for-dui.html
Former Rutgers QB Tom Savage enrolls at Pitt http://www.pittscriptblog.com/2012-articles/june/former-rutgers-qb-tom-savage-enrolls-at-pitt.html TSavageRutgers

It began with a few seemingly random tweets in May and now it's confirmed - Tom Savage has indeed transferred to Pitt and will be eligible to play in 2013 (via the Trib):

He did not return a call from the Tribune-Review on Sunday, but he did join his new teammates at an informal dinner/get-together in advance of the start of the university’s second summer session Monday.

Savage, 6-foot-5, 235 pounds, won’t be eligible until ‘13 after sitting out the upcoming season as a transfer. Savage is permitted to participate in every practice and meeting with the quarterbacks, missing only the games.

Savage will likely compete for the starting job in 2013 with then second year QB Chad Voytik and (hopefully) true freshman Tra'Von Chapman who is expected to commit to Pitt on July 1.

It's been a while since Tom Savage played in a college game - he had to sit out last year when he transferred from Rutgers to Arizona - but the former four-star QB showed a lot of promise as a freshman at Rutgers. If nothing else, he'll provide solid depth and will compete with two unknown commodities at QB. The bottom line is that Pitt's quarterback situation in 2013 is much better because of this transfer.

Hail to Pitt!

pittscriptblog@gmail.com (PSB Bryan) Mon, 25 Jun 2012 20:20:51 GMT http://www.pittscriptblog.com/2012-articles/june/former-rutgers-qb-tom-savage-enrolls-at-pitt.html
The video Paul Chryst should have shown Dorian Johnson http://www.pittscriptblog.com/2012-articles/june/the-video-paul-chryst-should-have-shown-dorian-johnson.html As you may have heard, Dorian Johnson, the once "lock" to commit to Pitt, has committed to Penn State.  However, if Paul Chryst would have used the correct promotional videos, such as this Pitt promo from 1971, I'd be willing to bet that Johnson would be a Panther come next February.

"Girls, yes there are plenty of them."

wannstaches@gmail.com (TFW Bryan) Mon, 25 Jun 2012 13:42:04 GMT http://www.pittscriptblog.com/2012-articles/june/the-video-paul-chryst-should-have-shown-dorian-johnson.html