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6 Ways to Improve Running Stamina | Content

As a new runner, you may already feel frustrated about your level of workout endurance. Do not let it deter you from your fitness, weight loss, or competitive goals. Like everything, building stamina takes time. However, there are simple ways to improve running and endurance by changing your workout and health regime.

Here are a few of our tips that build running strength and stamina.

Cross Training

For the best training results, build stamina and strength outside of the track. Aerobic and cycling exercises provide workouts similar to running, but they have less of a risk of causing injuries. Put a flotation belt inside of a pool and begin mimicking the motion of running. This builds your resistance and forces you to exert more effort than just running on land.

Do 90 rotation cycles per minute. Aim to ride in a road area that has few traffic lights, so that you challenge your body in a similar manner that you do when running.

Combine cardio and strength building workouts. Develop small routines that accomplish both goals, such as workout drills that start with jumping rope, then running, next squats, and then repeat. Three times per week, execute these exercises at least 30 to 60 minutes. Keep your body guessing and adjusting by changing up the routine often.

Compound movement exercises are especially important for your gym routine. Some examples of compound movement exercises are squats, lunges, bench presses, and pullups. These exercises are vital because they train movement more than muscle. They help make movements more precise, and they help with the development of strength.

Gradual Improvement

Only run an extra two to four miles every other week. Additionally, only add an extra mile when beginning to work on improving your longevity and endurance. Take your training slowly to allow your body to adjust to the fitness changes. Not adding too much intensity to your workout helps you stay energized and consistent with training.

According to Runtastic, it takes between 10 days to 4 weeks to see benefits from running.

Eat More Carbs

55 to 65 percent of your daily calories should be carbs, especially complex carbs like whole grain, rice, oatmeal, and beans. Avoid consuming refined sugars as much as possible because they make you crash.

Eat a healthy meal or snack that combines carbs and protein at  least within 30 minutes after your run. Additionally, get a goodnight’s sleep. A healthy diet and sleep helps your body to recover after running and exercising.

Purchase the Proper Gear

Wear the right fitness clothing to keep stamina up and distractions down. Ill-fitted exercise clothing hinders joint movement, because you cannot move without restrictions. Uncomfortable shoes tend to cause blisters and sores, which makes running painful.

Use coupons at your favorite fitness retailer, like Hudson’s Bay, to stock up on workout wear and sneakers with the proper fit.

...And Repeat

The biggest key to increasing your running endurance is repetition. You need to practice, workout, and run daily for your body to develop the strength and agility to run for miles. Once it becomes a habit, your body will naturally adjust to the changes.